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Solar Generation Fund

State of Ohio Solar Generation Fund Program

The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (“Authority”) is the program administrator of the State of Ohio Solar Generation Fund Program, as prescribed in Amended House Bill 6 by the 133rd General Assembly and amended by House Bill 128 of the 134th General Assembly.

Operators of facilities approved to participate in the State of Ohio Solar Generation Fund Program will report to the Authority the number of megawatt hours (MWh) of generation produced.  Reporting began on April 7, 2020 and will recur at the end of each quarter, for generation produced the preceding quarter, until January 2027.  Pursuant to Section 3706.45 of the Ohio Revise Code and Section 3706-4-01 of the Ohio Administrative Code, the Authority has designated the Generation Attribute Tracking System (“GATS”) operated by PJM Environmental Information Services, Inc. (“PJM-EIS”) for purposes of validating the generation data, identifying and issuing solar energy credits, and accounting for the nine dollars per MWh payments.

Approved Facilities:

At the March 23, 2020 board meeting, the Authority approved the recipients of the new Nuclear and Renewable Generation Fund, as prescribed in House Bill 6.

At the June 8, 2021 board meeting, the Authority approved additional recipients of the Solar Generation Fund as prescribed in House Bill 128.

All projects approved for the Solar Generation Fund are listed below:

  • Highland Solar (Highland County) is a 300-megawatt solar-powered electric generation facility operated by Hecate Energy Highland LLC.
  • Hillcrest Solar (Brown County) is a 200-megawatt solar project operated by Innergex Renewable Development USA, LLC.
  • Willowbrook Solar I, LLC (Highland and Brown Counties) is a 150-megawatt solar-powered electric generation facility owned by RWE Solar Development, LLC.
  • Hardin Solar Center (Hardin County), composed of Hardin Solar I, LLC and Hardin Solar II, LLC, is a 300-megawatt solar project owned by Invenergy.
  • Vinton Solar Energy LLC (Vinton County) is a 125-megawatt solar project owned by Invenergy.

Summary of Program Implementation:

The process utilized by the Authority to implement the program will include the following steps:

  • As each MWh of electricity is produced for approved solar facilities and transmitted into the transmission grid operated by PJM Interconnection, Inc., a unique certificate will be created in GATS. 
  • The Authority will direct PJM-EIS to label the solar facility’s certificates with a “OH SGF” tag associated with the Solar Generation Fund program.
  • The Authority will compare the solar facility’s quarterly generation reporting to generation certificate reporting in GATS for verification.
  • The operators of the approved solar facilities shall either retire the certificate or transfer it to the Authority’s transacting account in order to be eligible for payment as part of the Solar Generation Fund program. 
  • Beginning April 21, 2021 and as pursuant to Section 3706.55 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Authority will direct the Treasurer of State to remit payment of nine dollars per MWh for each eligible solar energy certificate that has been issued, validated, and retired or transferred.  Payments will be made every three months thereafter, not later than the twenty-first day of the month, ending in January 2028.