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Green Bonds

OAQDA is proud to be the first statewide authority to implement a dedicated Green Bonds program featuring robust transparency and accountability to meet the demands of the investor community

Today, increased emphasis is placed on businesses and organizations that embrace positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, which are becoming more attractive to current and potential investors. Many asset managers are choosing to align investments with their values and make a positive impact. These investments are in line with the mission of OAQDA, which is positioned to connect qualified projects with these investors in the financial markets to provide capital funds.

In order to attract additional investors for Ohio projects, OAQDA recently established a Green Bond Framework in accordance with international capital market standards and is using the existing selection criteria and accountability standards through the Clean Air Improvement Program (CAIP). The Green Bond Framework was approved by the Authority in July 2021 and features the following project types:

OAQDA has a dedicated team of professionals to assist applicants through the process, including an external reviewer of the green bond issuance to evaluate and issue their objective opinion on the merits of the project in alignment with international green, social and sustainability bond standards.

To get started, please contact OAQDA.