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Monthly Meetings

The Authority Members generally meet every second Tuesday of the month at 10:00 am or at other times as they designate. The notices for each meeting are issued in advance no later than 4 days prior to the meeting. To be added to the mailing list for meeting information, please contact us.

Eligible projects may be considered at a meeting upon the recommendation of the Executive Director and after completed applications are evaluated properly to verify the expected performance of the project to improve air quality. The Executive Director or designee will perform a thorough review of submitted applications based on technical, financial, legal, economic, community and other criteria. The Executive Director may also enlist the expertise of professional consultants to conduct the evaluation which are part of the cost of issuance.

The timeliness of this evaluation process is dependent on the complexity of the proposed project, the quality and complete information submitted as part of the original application, the availability of necessary detailed information to address any questioned areas identified in the due diligence process and other key factors. The Authority will make every effort to align its process with the desired timeline for completing the project where practical. The Executive Director will make the determination to recommend a project application to the Authority Members and the placement on the agenda for an Authority Meeting.

It is a best practice for the applicant to contact the Authority prior to submission of the application to share details on the proposed project, discuss the process/timeline, and address any questions. Interested applicants can call (614) 224-3383 or email info@aqda.state.oh.us to make an appointment.

2022 Meetings

January 11, 2022  
February 8, 2022  
March 1, 2022 Educational Session  
March 8, 2022  
April 12, 2022  
May 10, 2022  
June 2, 2022 Board Educational Session  
June 14, 2022  
July 12, 2022  
August 9, 2022  
September 13, 2022  
October 11, 2022  
November 8, 2022  
December 13, 2022  

Past Meetings