The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (“the Authority”) values the input of all stakeholders in the regulatory process and encourages your participation in the rule making process. Below you will find information on rules currently being proposed by the Authority.


The Authority files a rule proposal with the JCARR to begin the legislature’s rule-review process. The process requires the state agency to conduct a public hearing 31 to 40 days after the original file date. Generally, 41 to 65 days after the original file date, JCARR schedules the state agency to appear at a meeting concerning the rule proposal.

In this section, you will find rules, including the public hearing notices, currently under review of JCARR:

Public Hearing – March 23, 2021 

Ohio Air Quality Development Authority - Proposed Amendment of Ohio Administrative Code Rules 3706-3-01, 3706-3-02, 3706-3-03, 3706-3-04 and 3706-3-05

If you have any questions regarding any of the proposed administrative rules, please visit our contact page.