Notice on Project Type

The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (the “Authority”) pursues its mission to conserve air as a natural resource of the State by helping to finance air quality facilities for small and large businesses, utilities, governments, and universities. The Authority has received increasing interest for certain potential qualifying projects, meaning entities requesting the Authority to support proposed projects that involve the rehabilitation of an entire building or a new building in its entirety.  In response to this interest, the Authority is working through a due diligence process that considers many factors for determining how these types of projects may quality for the Authority’s bond financing. 

In reaching this determination, the Authority is actively researching all relevant information and formulating criteria, guidelines, and protocols for these types of projects.  While the Authority is conducting its due diligence, it will not be accepting nor acting on pending applications that would be designated in this project category.  As always, the Authority will continue to accept applications for projects that involve eligible energy systems, such as HVAC or lighting, that achieve an increase in energy savings above historical usage or existing energy codes based on the performance of these specific systems.

After the completion of this due diligence process, the Authority expects this matter will be before the Board in early 2020 when they may act to adopt, modify, or reject the recommended criteria, guidelines and protocols for these types of projects.