The role of the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority is to provide for the conservation of air as a natural resource of the state to prevent or abate the pollution of the air, to provide for the comfort, health, safety and general welfare of all citizens of the state and to assist in the financing of air quality facilities for industry, commerce, and research.

The Authority’s power is drawn from its enabling legislation, found in ORC Chapter 3706 (OAC).


OAQDA has the authority to:

  1. issue air quality revenue bonds, notes and refunding bonds;
  2. make loans and grants to governmental agencies for the acquisition and construction of air quality facilities
  3. make loans for air quality projects for industry, commerce, distribution or research, including public utility companies;
  4. acquire, construct and operate air quality facilities itself; and,
  5. engage in research and development with respect to air quality facilities.

Its primary purpose is to contribute to cleaner air in Ohio by assisting Ohio businesses to invest in air quality through the provision of conduit financing for the purchase, construction and/or installation of air quality facilities.

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Over 45 years of Helping Businesses Clean the Air and Save Money.

Over the years, OAQDA’s role grew from its original mission to assist large Ohio industries in controlling air pollution and complying with the Clean Air Act of 1970. The agency took on responsibility for helping small businesses in complying with clean air regulations in 1993. Ohio’s clean coal program, the Ohio Coal Development Office, was added to OAQDA in 2003.  And in 2008, the Authority was tapped to administer Ohio’s $150 million Advanced Energy Job Stimulus Program, giving the agency the ability to become a source of new job development in tomorrow’s technologies.

Today, OAQDA supports Ohio’s role as a leader in advanced energy research, development and deployment as it has in the past and will for many years to come.