Clean Air Resource Center (CARC)

Environmental rules and regulations. For small business owners, trying to understand how they affect your business can be time consuming and frustrating. And paying for upgrades in equipment to meet those regulations can be a financial hardship.

That's why the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority created the Clean Air Resource Center in 1996. Developed specifically for small businesses, the Clean Air Resource Center helps make clean air compliance more affordable.

The Clean Air Resource Center is an independent, non-regulatory state agency. We're not part of the Ohio EPA. We do not enforce air quality regulations. Instead, we help business like yours meet EPA regulations while also reducing costs and gaining tax exemptions.

How does the Clean Air Resource Center help Small Businesses?
  1. On-site visits to identify air pollution problems and solutions, in coordination with OCAPP
    If you are unsure about whether your company is meeting air pollution control regulations, the Clean Air Resource Center can point you to free, confidential assessment to identify pollution problems and to recommend solutions. All information is completely confidential—state law prohibits the Ohio EPA from using this information in any enforcement action.

  2. One-on-one technical assistance for meeting pollution requirements, in coordination with OCAPP
    As a business owner, you may recognize that your company's equipment should be updated or operations should be changed, but may be unsure about the specific modifications that are required by the EPA. The Clean Air Resource Center can help you address those issues by working with you and OCAPP related to technical assistance and information about alternative processes and technology to reduce air pollution.

  3. Financing to purchase pollution control or prevention equipment
    The Clean Air Resource Center provides tax reduction assistance to help businesses in many industries finance pollution control or prevention projects. From dry cleaners that need machines with cleaner emissions to collision repair shops that must install paint booths, CARC offers financing to help all types of companies become compliant with air quality regulations

  4. Grants to cover the upfront costs of financing pollution control investments and principal payment
    In addition to the tax reduction assistance, we provide small business grants to cover the closing costs and payments to eligible small businesses of up to thirty percent of the cost of a Clean Air Act the financing of an air quality facility or $30,000.00 on the financing of pollution control projects.