Small Business Overview

Is your business covered by the Clean Air Act? You could be subject to EPA regulations if your business:

  • emits volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides in areas where ground level ozone (commonly known as "smog") has been identified as an air quality problem
  • sells or distributes gasoline, heating oil, or other kinds of petroleum products;
  • performs work involving the coating or painting of metal surfaces, or the degreasing of machinery;
  • uses asphalt, rubber, metal finishers, plastics or synthetic materials in the manufacturing or construction trades.

That's just a small sampling of the areas regulated by the Clean Air Act. If your business falls into any of these categories we can help you finance equipment that will control, reduce, or eliminate air emissions caused by these processes.

In addition, OAQDA can finance projects that improve a company's energy efficiency. Energy efficiency projects vary greatly depending on the type of business, but can include anything from new lighting systems to variable speed motors to computer controlled heating and cooling systems.