Information for Vendors

OAQDA routinely works with companies that sell equipment or services to help control or prevent air pollution, or achieve energy efficiency and savings.  Customers of such companies may qualify for tax incentives made available through the Ohio Revised Code.  This benefit, which only OAQDA can provide, can help businesses recover some of the costs associated with improving air quality or energy usage.

Financial Benefits


Projects financed through OAQDA are exempt from:

  • Real property tax assessment for the life of the loan;
  • Tangible personal property tax assessment for the life of the loan;
  • Calculation of the corporate franchise tax for the life of the loan;
  • Sales and use tax for purchase of equipment to reduce air pollution or improve energy efficiency.

Key elements of OAQDA tax incentives:

  • 100% exemption on real property, tangible personal property, sales, use, and franchise tax for qualified project costs;
  • Given upon OAQDA approval (OAQDA is the only review body);
  • Last for the life of the loan;
  • No job creation or property investment monitoring requirements;

In addition to the tax incentives, small businesses assisted through the Clean Air Resource Center (CARC), the small business arm of the OAQDA, are eligible for additional technical and financial assistance.

Qualifying Businesses

Affected businesses may be, but not limited to those businesses which emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), or sulfur dioxides (SO2), use asphalt, rubber, metal finishers, plastics, or synthetic materials in the manufacturing or construction trades, or perform work involving the coating or painting of metal surfaces. Steel companies, automobile manufacturers, chemical and utility companies are all impacted by the requirement to control air emissions and would be eligible for OAQDA incentives.

What types of businesses or projects are eligible for Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) financing? The following is just a sample of the projects that qualify. Your business may be eligible if it:

Uses one of these processes:

•Dry Cleaning
•Ethanol or biofuel production




Operates in one of these industries:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Printing
  • Auto Body Shop
  • Gasoline, heating oil, or other petroleum products sale and/or distribution
  • Motor vehicle service and repair
  • Operates a centrally fueled fleet of 10 or more vehicles in an urban area
  • Coating or painting of metal surfaces, or the degreasing of machinery
  • Uses hazardous chemicals
  • Air conditioning service or repair
  • Uses asphalt, rubber, metal finishers, plastics or synthetic materials in the manufacturing or construction.
  • Renewable fuels

Installs energy-efficient equipment:

OAQDA can offer tax incentives to projects that improve a company’s energy efficiency. Energy efficiency projects vary greatly depending on the type of business, but can include anything from new lighting systems to variable speed motors to computer-controlled heating and cooling systems.

If you are unsure if your business qualifies, contact OAQDA:

(614) 224-3383