Small Business Ombudsman Overview

For your small business customers (100 employees or less), the Clean Air Resource Center (CARC), the small business outreach arm of OAQDA, seeks to find the most cost-effective means possible for small businesses to meet the requirements set by the Clean Air Act.

CARC strives to support the critical role played by small businesses in Ohio’s economy and recognizes the financial challenges presented by environmental regulations. CARC offers special services specifically for small business owners. In addition to helping small businesses pay for up-front costs of financing of air quality projects as well as principal pay down. A qualified small business must also, emit less than 75 tons per year of all regulated air pollutants, and emits 50 tons or less per year of any regulated pollutant. We provide access to technical assistance and one-on-one consulting to help business owners understand clean air regulations through cooperation with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agencies (OEPA) Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (OCAPP).

CARC is the one-stop shop for small business owners. Services include:

  • One-on-one technical assistance with OCAPP
  • On-site visits in coordination with OCAPP
  • Confidential compliance assessments coordination with OCAPP
  • Permitting assistance coordination with OCAPP
  • Tax incentives through conduit financing
  • Small Business grants to cover closing costs
  • Small Business assistance with principal pay down

It is easy to see if a project might qualify. All you need to do is call OAQDA at 800/225-5051 or 614/224-3383.