JDM Services, LLC

“This funding helped us provide clean air benefits to our customers in Ohio and the people who reside in and around our projects,” Michael Dinneen

Fayette County Memorial Hospital

“I am pleased that Fayette County Memorial Hospital took advantage of the QECB program to replace outdated equipment with advanced systems, which will conserve energy, improve both the energy infrastructure and local air quality and reduce costs.” State Senator Bob Peterson (R-17)

Eastern Gateway Community College

“This is a wonderful investment in the Jefferson County campus. This $2.2 million project will help the campus move forward on measures to improve the environment, while reducing energy and operating costs. It is a win-win for the college and the community.” Eastern Gateway President Laura Meeks 

The Lebanon and Warren County Correctional Institutions in Warren County

“Lebanon and Warren Correctional Institutions are local employers that also happen to perform very important work on behalf of the entire state. The proposed upgrades to these facilities’ energy systems will not only improve efficiency and cut air emissions, but also provide for the improved health and safety of the people who occupy the buildings and those who live in our community.” State Senator Shannon Jones (R-7)

The Jeff Wyler Automotive Chevrolet and Toyota dealerships in Springfield

“Jeff Wyler has elected to participate in OAQDA’s program for the Springfield, Ohio construction projects. Our goals of high-efficiency buildings are cost-effective with the utilization of this program’s benefits. The Springfield Chevrolet and Toyota dealerships are able to reduce their energy footprints by an estimated 35 percent.” Wyler company Chief Financial Officer Jeff Acuff 

Ridge Cleaners of Lorain County

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to work with OAQDA and its CARC program in securing this financing package. The new dry cleaning unit will enable our stores to offer an even higher quality product to our customers, while also better protecting the environment in the communities we serve.” Lisa Sebastian, president of Ridge Cleaners

D.O. Summers Testimonial (small business/dry cleaner)

“Thanks to financing from the Clean Air Resource Center, I saved thousands of dollars updating my equipment. It was a smooth, cost-effective way to comply with clean air regulations.” Brett Goldberg, D.O.

Kelly & Matyas Furniture Services

Kelly & Matyas Furniture Services sent this note to thank OAQDA for providing financing assistance for the purchase and installation of an environmentally friendly paint booth.

It is with great pleasure that we announce to you that our spray booth project is now fully complete and has been in operation for approximately five months. We would like to thank you for your assistance in making this project happen. We also thank the OAQDA Board for approving our project.

We are proud to report that the purchase and installation of this booth has enabled us to meet our growth projections and has allowed us to hire two additional employees, as well as improve the quality of our products, increase our revenues and enable us to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. It was a fortuitous decision to ask your organization for help. Steve Matyas and Shawn Kelly