Western Ohio

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Authority projects have invested more than $309 million in the western Ohio region since 2007. This investment has helped provide economic opportunity and an environment for the growth of large and small businesses alike.

Tornado damage to KAP Signs’ facility in Montgomery County

Perhaps one of the most compelling examples of the Authority’s assistance to businesses in need in our communities came in 2019 when a small Dayton-area business, KAP Signs, was approved for $100,000 to help rebuild its operations. The company, along with its 15 employees, faced devastation following a tornado that hit during Memorial Day weekend. With small business financing and $35,825 in grants from the Authority, KAP Signs was able to secure the new paint booth and ventilation system it needed to resume its business and stabilize the jobs for its employees. The new equiment supported the company’s efforts to rebuild, while additionally preserving the air quality in its plant.

KAP Signs’ new crossdraft pressurized spray booth

“We didn’t know what we were going to do or if we could pick up the pieces aft er the tornado. The financing from OAQDA provided the answer we were looking for and saved the jobs of our employees.”
– David Blang, President, KAP Signs

KAP Signs was forced to rebuild after a tornado damaged their facility