Southeast Ohio

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Since 2004, communities in the southeast region of Ohio have benefitted from a total of more than $1.6 billion in bonds issued by the Authority for air quality facilities. These projects have made a significant impact to the communities on behalf of large and small businesses in the region.

From left : Tom Centa and Hoy Frakes, AMG Vanadium; Christina O’Keeffe, OAQDA; Shawn Buchtel, AMG Vanadium

AMG Vanadium, LLC, is a leading global recycler of resid spent catalyst waste from the petroleum industry, turning the waste into specialty metals used primarily in steel and stainless-steel industry. With $307 million in bond financing from the Authority in 2019, AMG is doubling its capacity in Ohio with the construction of a new solid waste recycling facility in Muskingum County. The new facility, located near its existing operations in Cambridge, will result in the creation of approximately 100 new jobs. AMG Vanadium will continue to boost economic activity in the Appalachian region by providing training and workforce development opportunities in the area.

AMG Vanadium leadership team inspecting the construction site in fall 2019

“As we were looking at sites for our new spent catalyst recycling and reclamation facility, we explored a number of domestic and global locations, but we kept coming back to southeastern Ohio. The support we received from the Muskingum and Guernsey County communities and the State of Ohio, including OAQDA who so generously issued tax-exempt bond financing for the environmentally beneficial project, enabled the Zanesville Plant to become a reality. We are profoundly grateful to these, and all other public and private sector partners, for their support and endorsement.”
– Tom Centa, AMG Vanadium President

Rendering of AMG Vanadium’s new facility in Muskingum County