Central Ohio

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Communities in central Ohio have greatly benefitted from partnerships with the Authority. Projects in the region range from state correctional facilities and public office buildings to support for private companies. This includes large companies such as a major biorefinery, as well as small, family-owned businesses. Since 2009, OAQDA has provided more than $336 million in financing for active and completed projects. In 2019, Roto Group, a small business in Dublin, specializing in museum exhibits and interactive displays, was approved for $80,000 in bond financing and $29,913 in grants through the Authority. The company is a recognized eader in display design with notable projects including the Ohio Statehouse Museum, the Heart of Africa exhibit at the Columbus Zoo and High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Roto Group will retain its 76 associates and install a new paint booth with the Authority’s bond financing, enhancing their production capability while controlling air contaminants from the operation.

“As a result of this project, Roto will see a significant increase in internal capabilities to perform finishing work for our custom-made exhibit and interactive structures. We will be able to reduce our reliance on external subcontractors and improve the quality of the working environment through the ability to control air contaminants. We are grateful for the support of the OAQDA which allowed us to proceed with this exciting upgrade in our production abilities to continue to deliver on the promise to create ‘awesome’ for our clients.”
– Maurice Twomey, Chief Financial Officer, Roto Group

Significant expansion of a commercial coatings business that specializes in new construction and repainting resulted from the approval of $365,000 in air quality financing and $36,825 in grants for FORJAK Industrial in Circleville. The company works with large, globally-owned corporations throughout the U.S., focusing on commercial coatings and concrete restoration. The company expanded its operations with a new industrial blasting and coatings plant and created 30 jobs.

Ribbon-cutting for FORJAK Industrial’s new facility in Circleville

“As our business has grown and expanded, we need additional capacity to continue providing our customers with the best service possible. This financing from OAQDA allowed us to install a new blasting booth for the expansion of in-house blasting and painting operations at our new Circleville facility and to add employees as our production increases.”
– Matt Palmisciano, CEO, FORJAK Industrial

FORJAK Industrial’s new blast booth, financed with help from OAQDA