OAQDA routinely works with companies that sell equipment or services to help control or prevent air pollution, or achieve energy efficiency and savings.  Customers of such companies may qualify for tax incentives made available through the Ohio Revised Code.  This benefit, which only OAQDA can provide, can help businesses recover some of the costs associated with improving air quality or energy usage.


The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) pursues its mission to conserve air as a natural resource of the State by helping to finance air quality facilities for small and large businesses, utilities, governments, and universities. In an effort to ensure that the OAQDA Members has an opportunity to review all relevant information for whole-building/development projects, meaning projects applying for OAQDA support to the rehabilitation of an entire building or construction of a new building, or facility, OAQDA will be formulating criteria, guidelines, and protocols for these types of projects. While OAQDA is conducting its due diligence to develop these criteria, guidelines, and protocols, it will not be accepting new or making decisions on applications for whole-building/development project support. OAQDA will continue to accept applications for projects that are not whole-building/development projects (i.e., that only apply to specific components or systems, such as HVAC, rather than the entire building) during this time. OAQDA anticipates that its project criteria may be complete in mid-year 2019.