OAQDA Process Overview

Working with OAQDA is easy. The seamless application process is straightforward and can be accomplished in 10 easy steps

Step 1 Contact OAQDA to see if the project qualifies.

The staff at OAQDA can tell you if your project qualifies, and explain the tax incentives available. The lender or vendor can also contact OAQDA on the business' behalf.
Step 2 Obtain an application form by calling OAQDA at 614/224-3383 or through OAQDA website. See FORMS.
Step 3 Fill out and return the application form. OAQDA can assist you at any time in the application process.
Step 4 OAQDA contacts the business and the lender to clarify information, to answer any questions and to guide them through the process.
Step 5 The application is placed on the agenda of the next OAQDA meeting. A representative will be asked to attend and describe the project.

The OAQDA generally meets the second Tuesday of every month. Applications made 20 days prior to the meeting can be considered for approval. (Exceptions can be made to the 20-day rule if conditions warrant.) See Application Schedule below for more information.
Step 6 Official notice is sent immediately to the lender and business notifying them of the Authority's approval.
Step 7 Lender and business work out final terms and costs of the loans as term sheet is developed. OAQDA issuers counsel and bond counsel work with the lender to create and review all the necessary documents.
Step 8 Documents are held in escrow until the lender and business decide that it is time to close. Nothing moves forward until the lender gives its approval.
Step 9 A closing is held once all signed documents are received. An in-person meeting is not required.
Step 10 All parties receive a copy of the documents. The lender remains the business's main contact after closing. OAQDA formally notifies appropriate parties of the tax exemptions.


What Happens to Your Application
  • The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) usually meets the second Tuesday of each month.

  • OAQDA staff and legal counsel review each application.

  • When they decide the application is complete, it is placed on the agenda.

  • At the meeting, OAQDA will consider the application and, if approved, will pass a resolution authorizing the financing and/or the grant.

We need enough time to review your application and to prepare documents. To do this, we ask that you follow this schedule:

  1. All applications must be received TWENTY (20) days before the OAQDA meeting date. Applications must have original signatures.

  2. In extraordinary circumstances, there can be an exception to the twenty-day requirement. An exception requires approval by the Executive Director and Legal Counsel and must also be approved by resolution of the OAQDA.

  3. In no case will an application be accepted later than EIGHT (8) days before the meeting at which it is to be considered. Ohio law requires OAQDA to provide public notice of its meeting SEVEN (7) days prior to the meeting date. The agenda must be finalized prior to public notice being given. The agenda is mailed to OAQDA members for their review.